Ruro srl since 1927produces and sells devices and valves for stocking ,loading unloading and transport dangerous and flammables fluids

Our customers are chimica and petrolchemical firms engineerings and firms involved in tecnical gases production.
Inthe last years Ruro srl has obtained PED and ATEX certificates for several products and the has certified its quality system ISO9001:2000 with RINA

To better serve our customers Ruro srl has also became sales representative of :

Protectoseal that produces devices for tanks as :

Vent valves
Blanketing valves
Flame arrestors
Tank devices
OPW that produces

Safety couplings for flexible hoses

Dry break couplings as KAMVALOK DRYLOCK e EPSILON
Loading arms and rain drain
Composite hoses
Break away couplings
Side flow indicator>

Ruro s.a.s. di Attilio Rozza & C. fabbrica rubinetteria industriale e accessori per impianti carburante via Moscati, 16 - 20154 MILANO